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Why The Postal Service Still Plays A Vital Role In 21st Century Life

Because We Can't Download Flowers, Greetings Cards And Gifts, Yet!

Mail made easy


With the growing use of text and email, many have predicted that the days of traditional postal services are numbered. But one young entrepreneur Henry Dudding disagreed and spotted a gap in the market whilst studying at the University of Hull.

Henry explains: "The thing that most online retailers have in common is that any chosen items are then delivered to the customer's home or workplace via the postal system, and it is this element of e-commerce that forms the core of the Elementary Mail brand."

The big idea


The new online service allows users to send Greetings Cards, Gifts, Letters and Promotional Material to any address in the world by doing nothing more than spending a few minutes at their computer.

While regular greetings cards are the obvious offering, Elementary Mail really does have a first-class range of products available. From CVs to love letters, business cards and even mail-able gifts.


Start up funding

Thanks to a government Start Up Loan, Elementary Mail is now able to expand its new online service.

Peter Sykes, Fund Manager at Hull Business Development Fund, who agreed the loan and delivers the government scheme across Humberside and parts of Yorkshire said:

‘The difficulties of accessing finance for starting a business are well documented but Start Up Loans now provide a low cost solution to the problem. The scheme is open to aspiring entrepreneurs aged 18-30 and lacks the bureaucracy and time consuming procedures associated with traditional bank finance. We like to think at Hull Business Development Fund we adopt a positive can do attitude to new start ups and very much welcome the scheme’




What's next? 


Henry is enthusiastic about the future for Elementary Mail: “Starting a new business is challenging, particularly in the current economic climate, but that hasn’t deterred me as I know I have a strong idea."

Having launched the site in May 2012, Henry has seen a steady increase in sales. He explains: “A particular success has been people abroad using the site to send letters and cards to friends and family in the UK. It saves them paying for Airmail and is a much more personal way of communicating than sending an email.”

The service is also set to become popular among holidaymakers who want to send mail back to the UK quickly, as well as the over-50’s market, who want to keep communicating in a traditional way”.

Everything on the website is neatly laid out, with templates and guides available for most products. As mentioned earlier, the site also contains a gift shop for those looking to send a gift along with their card or letter.

About us


Elementary Mail allows users to send cards, gifts, letters and many other postal items to any address in the world, without ever having to leave their home or workplace.

With guides, templates and examples on hand for a myriad of items, users simply create each document to their liking – and leave Elementary Mail to dispatch it the very same day.